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Logistics Facilities

Technoconsult International Limited (TCIL) has necessary physical facilities and logistical support to enable it to complete its projects with efficiency and on time. Located in a newly constructed, centrally air-conditioned own building in the Dhaka city, its head office has a floor space of 7,500 sq feet including about 2,500 sq feet earmarked for holding professional seminars and workshops. It also has a second office (with a floor space of 4,500 sq feet) close to the head office. Additionally, separate project offices are rented as need arises.

TCIL is equipped with modern office equipment and communication facilities including computers, telex, fax, e-mail, ISD telephones, photocopiers, and vehicles. It has a project-related reference library, a data bank, and a reprographic unit with all needed facilities. It has a fully developed computer unit (with needed hardware and software and well-qualified tutors) for data entry and data analysis.

It has necessary facilities for providing management training in a number of fields. It also has a pool of well-trained and experienced field enumerators, supervisors, and survey coordinators to be involved in surveys at a short notice.

Computers and Related Equipment
1. Dell (Core i5) 22 Excellent
2. Dell (Core i7) 14 Excellent
3. HP Notebook 4 Excellent
4. AZTECH 486 (IBM Compatible) 1 Good
5. SCAN 486 (IBM Compatible) 3 Good
6. EPSON P/C (IBM Compatible) 4 Good
7. Cubic P/C (IBM Compatible) 4 Good
8. ARC P/C (IBM Compatible) 2 Good
9. AMSTARD PCW8256 with Monochrome Monitor 2 Good
10. HEWLETT PACKARD Color jet 1 Good
11. HEWLETT PACKARD LaserJet 4 and 5 5 Excellent
12. HEWLETT PACKARD LaserJet III 1 Excellent
13. EPSON LaserJet Printers (GQ-5000 & EPL-7100) 2 Good
14. EPSON LQ – 1170 Printers 1 Good
15. EPSON – 1050 Printers 3 Good
19. Scanner 5 Good
20. UPS & Voltage Regulators 40 Good
Office Equipments
21. Telephone 24 Good
22. Fax 3 Good
23. Telex 1 Good
24. E-mail Facilities: (all the individual senior officials have accounts) 40 Good
25. Internet Connection (Broadband 24 hours browsing facilities) 36 Excellent
26. Photocopiers 5 Good
27. Ammonia Printing Machine 1 Good
28. Electric Type Writers 3 Good
29. Paper Cutting Machine 2 Good
30. Spiral Binding Machine 2 Good
31. Laminating Machine 2 Good
32 Punch Machine (Large & Small) 5 Good
Transport Facilities
33. Sedans 8 Running
34. Microbuses 5 Running
35. Four 4WD Vehicles 4 Running
36. Motor Cycles 10 Running
Training Equipment
37. Overhead Projector 2 Good
38. Training room with full audio-visual facilities 2 Good
39. Television 5 Good
40. VCR 4 Good
41. VCD Player 2 Good
42. Video Camera 4 Good
43. Tape Recorder 20 Good
44. Still Camera 8 Good
Survey and Drafting Equipment
45. Theodolite Instrument (with accessories) 1 Good
46. Leveling Instrument (with accessories) 2 Good
47. Plane-table (with accessories) 3 Good
48. Prismatic Compass 3 Good
49. Beam Compass 4 Good
50. Proportional Compass 2 Good
51. Clinometers 5 Good
52. Aluminum Leveling Staff 20 Good
53. Ranging Rod 30 Good
54. Steel tape 8 Good
55. Fabre Glass Tape 5 Good
56. Arrow/Peg 40 Good
57. Pantograph 2 Good
58. Rota meter 1 Good
59. Clinometers 1 Good
60. Lettering Set 5 Good
61. Set Square 10 Good
62. Triangular Scale 10 Good
63. French Curve 6 Good
64. Flexible Curve 4 Good
65. Drafting Table and Instruments 5 Good
Training Equipment
Sl. No Tools Brand Model No. Quantity
1 Core Drill Hilti DD-250E 1
2 Concrete test hammer Matest C380 1
3 Ferro scanner Hilti PS 250 1
4 Distance meter Leica Disto D210 1
5 UPV Tester Ultracon Ultracon-170 1

Other support Services from TCIL

Technoconsult International Ltd. has various sorts of support services to perform the project.

GIS team:

TCIL has a substantial GIS team consists of Geologists, Geo-morphologists, GIS Technician, Data Specialist, Mapping Technician, Mapping Assistant etc.

Field survey team:

TCIL provides exclusive field survey team including Survey Technician, Engineering technician, Land Surveyor, TDOT Technician etc.

EIA team:

For analyzing Environmental Impact this firm serves a highly qualified EIA team with qualified Environmental specialists, engineers and other supporting stuffs.


For security purpose UCIL has its own security agency formed by some specialized member to provide security under any abnormal situation.

Import-Export service license:

TCIL possess import export L/C license of import/export service that might be required for project implementation.

Travel agency:

UCIL has a travel agency service as a sister concern to provide support about this matter.

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