Environment and Disaster Management

TCIL integrates all aspects of environmental management including air, water, residuals, energy, and resource conservation. It has provided services belonging to this sector during the course of undertaking engineering of various infrastructure projects, as well as for specific environmental projects. The services provided pertain to the following fields of specialization: • Environment surveys and environment impact assessment including topography & geology, surface & underground water, ecology, IEE/EIA;
• Environmental protection measures including identification, design and engineering;
• Socio-cultural issues of environment
Completed Projects:
1. Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project: Package28: Project Preparation Consultants (PPC) – Phase II for Roads and Bridges (ADB Grant TA 0002-INO), Indonesia (2008-2009)
2. Study on Disaster Management (Earthquake), JICA, Bangladesh (2009)
3. Rehabilitation/Improvement of Facilities Damaged by Tsunami Disaster in Galle and Tangalle Fishery, Harbours, Sri Lanka (2005-06)