Consultants and Advisors

Sl No Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
1 Dr. Naniek Widayati Architect Engineer PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, 2001
Master of Technic (M.T.), Architecture, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, 1993
18 years
2 Dr. Dayandra Waduge Architect Consultant PhD (Arch), Moscow Institute of Architecture, 1982
M.Sc (Arch), Moscow Institure of Architecture, 1978
15 years
3 Dr. Syed Moazzem Hossain Planning and Design Specialist B.Sc Engineering (Civil), BUET, 1962 40 years
4 Lazuardi Buana Roads and Bridge Design Specialist/Deputy Cheif Design Engineer Bachelor (Ir) Degree in Civil Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, 1985 17 years
5 Mohan Kumar Dangal Roads and Bridge Design Specialist M.E Road Engineering, (Civil), MADI, Moscow, Former USSR, 1978 30 years
6 Shah Muhammad Muhibullah Structurl Engineer Master in Urban and Regional Planning, BUET, 1989
B.Sc Eng. (Civil), BUET, 1975
40 years
7 Dr. Nasir Uddin Khan Environmental Specialist Ph.D (Environment and Climate Change), Atlantic International University, Hawaii, USA, 2007
M.Sc in Civil Engineering (Wastewater Treatment, Dhaka University of Engineering Technnology, Gazipur, 1999
30 years
8 Dr Bachrian Lubis Geo-Technial Engineer Ph.D in Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK, 1996
M.Sc Construction Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, 1995
10 years
9 Dr. Subroto Bose Chief Engineer Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Coastal Engineering (Konstru-ktiver) Wasserbau from Germany as a sponsored scholar of Govt. of India during 1966-67) 30 years
10 Dr. Amzad Uddin Ahmed Mechanical Engineer “Doktor-Ingenieur” (PhD), Technische Hochschule, Magdeburg, Germany, Subject – Diesel Ingection Spray, 1977
“Diploma-Ingenieur (MS), Technische Hochschule, Magdeburg, Germany (GDR), Subject – Themal & Hydraulic Engineering (specializing in IC Engines), 1974
38 years
11 Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Principal Scientific Officer Ph.D in Soil Science from Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1993
M.Sc Soil Science from Bangladesh Agricultural University, 1971
40 years
12 Dr. Mahmood Alam Environmentalist Ph.D & M.Sc (Geological Science, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada, 1979 10 years
13 Md. Raihan Ali Miah Hydraulic Design Engineer Post Graduate Diploma in Water Resources Engineering, 1978, Bangkok
B.Sc Engineering (Civil), BUET, 1967
40 years
14 Dr. Benjamin sante Principal Consultant Ph.D University of Calgary, Canada, Canada
Imperial College, UK, 2000
M.Sc (Chemical Engineering), University of Calgary, Canada, 1988
26 years
15 Dr. Habibur Rahman Consultant, Industry Survey of Light Engineering Sector in Bangladesh Projct Ph.D in Economics, 2003, Jahangir Nagar University, Savar, Dkaka, Bangladesh
MA in Economics, Rajshahi University, 1986
20 years
16 Dr. A. F. Mafizul Islam Professor, Institute of Business Administration P.hD in Development Economics, Joint Program of Dhaka University and George Washington University, USA, sponsored by the World Bank, July 1979-1981 36 years
17 Dr. Ian C. Tod Agriculture Engineer Ph.D in Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis, 1989
M.Sc in (Water Science), University of California, Davis, 1986
39 years
18 Dr. Abdus Sobhan Design Plannning and Management Consultant Post Graduate Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering (Hydralic Structures), Delft, The Netherlands, 1971 10 years
19 Dr. S. M. Sarin Traffic and Road Safety Expert Ph.D (Transportation and Environment), University of Birmingham, UK, 1975
M.E (Highway Eng.), University of Roorkee, 1967
42 years
20 Mohammad Nur-e-Elahi Solid Waste and Landfill Engineer B.Sc Engineering (Civil) from Dhaka University of Engineering (former Bangladesh Institute of Technology), 1988
Diploma in Engineering (Civil Technology), 1968
40 years
21 Md. Abul Bashar Senior Hydrological Engineer/Soil Engineer M. Eng., BUET, Dhaka, 1999
B.Sc Eng. (Civil), BUET, Dhaka, 1983
29 years
22 Ajit Kumar Bhattacharya Transport Logistic Expert Post Graduate Diploma in Traffic and Transportation Engineering from Bengal Engineering College, Calcutta University, 1978
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University College of Engineering Technology, Jadavpur, University, 1965
40 years
23 Swapan Kumar Poddar Environmentalist M.Sc Soil Science major in Environmental Planning, 1979, Dhaka University 31 years
24 Dr. Mohammad Aktarul Islam Associate Professor and Head, Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD in Environmental Engineering, BUET, 2006
M.Sc in Water Quality Managment, Katholic University of Leuven, Brassels, 1995
40 years
25 Dr. Shamshad Khan Khattak Training Specialist Ph.D Watershed Science, Utah State University, Logan, USA, 1988
M.Sc Forestry, Pakistan Forest Institute, University of Peshawar, 1978
M.Sc Agriculture, Khyber Agricultural University, Peshawar, 1976
40 years
26 Dr. Mainul Huq Economist PhD in Economics, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 1990
Masters in Economics, Illinois State University, USA, 1983
23 years
27 Dr. Mohammad Nauhad Alam Environmentalist Ph.D in Soil, Water and Environment (continue)
Master of Science in Soil, Water & Environment, 2005
10 years
28 Dr. Shree Govindo Shah Environment Specialist Ph.D (Ecology), The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 1989
M.Ag.Sc (Pasture Ecology), The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 1978
M.Ag.Sc (Pasture Ecology), The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 1978
22 years
29 Dr. Mir Muhammad Hassan Environmental Specialist Post Doc. in Environmental Friendly Resource Management Planning, State University of Ghent, Belgium, 1985 43 years
30 Colin Sinclair Mellor Bridge Design and Structural Engineer Master in Urban and Regional Planning, BUET, 1989
B.Sc in Civil Engineering,
29 years