Urbal and Rural Development

TCIL’s services are dedicated to providing disadvantaged urban and rural communities with a better life through enhanced enterprise development, food security, employment opportunity, sustainable resource management, community empowerment, gender equality and good local governance. The Company provides hands-on development professionals with particular experience in assisting governments, local institutions and community groups to achieve social, economic and environmentally sustainable development. TCIL’s experience in providing consultancy and support services to the following fields of specialization:

  • Land use survey, prediction, planning and zoning;
  • Development of urban planning and policies;
  • Urban transportation network development, planning and management;
  • Integrated rural development: planning, study and design of multi-sectoral projects including institutional development and socioeconomic studies;
  • Land resources appraisal;
  • Preparation of profiles, local area development plans;
  • Urban informal sector;
  • Urban economics and financial management;
  • Urban land management/urban fringe management;
  • Urban design and conservation/heritage management