TCIL has extensive experience in port, harbor and river training sector. The firm can provide expert services in the following fields of specialization:

  • Surveying, monitoring and mapping of rivers;
  • Flood/river control works, erosion control/soil conservation, dredged materials management;
  • Environmental risk and impact assessment, economic and financial analysis;
  • Technical training, etc.

Completed Projects:

1. Rehabilitation/Improvement of Facilities Damaged by Tsunami Disaster in Galle and Tangalle Fishery, Harbour, Sri Lanka, Funded by JICA (2005-06)

2. Consultancy Services for Establishment of Fish Landing, Preservation and Distribution Project, Monoharkhali, Bangladesh, Funded by JICA (1992-94)

3. Basic Design of Monoharkhali Fish Landing, Preservation and Distribution Facilities Project, Bangladesh, Funded by JICA (1991-94)