North Eastern State Roads Project, India

North Eastern State Roads Project, India under ADB fund [ADB TA No. 4378-IND] 2005 – 2006

The goal of the TA was to facilitate economic growth, poverty reduction and environmental action by improving the North Eastern State Roads network and road connectivity to the national and subregional road networks. The TA identified 2,500 km of priority roads and prepare a loan project that will finance priority investment for upgrading, improvement/widening, and new construction of about 1,200 km of high priority roads in the Region. The TA provided better access of goods, people, and services from the region to other parts of India as well as neighboring countries. Benefits was also be distributed to poor communities by providing better access to market, health, education, shortening travel distances and reducing travel times, as well as improved road traffic safety. At the same time the project assisted in subregional connection among the neighboring countries. This was, in turn, improve regional cooperation, trade and tourism potential. A final objective was to build the capacity of road sector institutions at state level and to increase the capacity of local contractors to support road improvements in the long term. The targets was to be achieved through this technical assistance (TA) were: Prioritization of national highways, state highways, and major district roads to improve the national and subregional level connectivity; Feasibility study for an investment project for improvement of priority state roads and bridges; An institutional strengthening and capacity development plan to support implementation of the investment/loan project and long term sustainable road assets maintenance.

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