Southern Province Rural Economic Advancement Project, Sri Lanka

Southern Province Rural Economic Advancement Project, Sri Lanka under ADB fund [ADB Loan No. 1849 – SRI (SF)] 2004-2008

The objective of the project is to support the Government’s efforts to accelerate economic growth and create income and employment opportunities in Southern Province. This is to be accomplished by increasing private sector participation and supporting the devolution of responsibility for planning and implementation to the provincial and local governments. The Project will focus on (i) establishing and expanding micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in the region; (ii) providing and maintaining key economic infrastructure; and (iii) enhancing public and private sector capacities to facilitate, support, and sustain the process of economic growth. The Project comprises two interrelated parts that will be implemented simultaneously. Part I is intended to stimulate economic activity in the region and includes support to (i) enterprise development services, and (ii) a credit line for financing term loans. Part II is intended to build and enabling environment for economic growth and includes support for (i) providing rural infrastructure, particularly access roads and markets; (ii) enhancing the technical and financial capacity in local governments to maintain rural infrastructure; (iii) providing skills and capacities at the provincial and Ministry of Southern Region Development (MSRD) levels to facilitate private sector participation in rural development; and (iv) providing project administration and management. The consultant works directly in cooperation with the Project Director and the heads of the units in the PMO and will also closely work with the agencies like EDS, Pradeshiya Sabhas, PFIs, NGOs, and other related organizations.

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