Fourth Railway Project: Jamuna Bridge Railway Link Project

Fourth Railway Project: Jamuna Bridge Railway Link Project, Tangail and Sirajganj, Bangladesh, under ADB fund [ADB TA No. 2235-BAN] 1995 –1997

The project was to assist the Government of Bangladesh to assess technical and economic feasibility including environmental, social and other impact, for the provision of a meter-gauge railway on the Jamuna bridge including railway approaches at both ends connecting to the existing railway system. While the Jamuna bridge project makes provision for a future meter-gauge railway, the railway component was not included in the on-going project. TCIL provided consultancy services for appropriate railway route options on both sides of the Jamuna bridge on the basis of potential traffic, rights-of-way availability, construction cost, land acquisition costs, Survey & Report preparation, Different data analysis, financial, economic and environmental, social and other impacts analysis. Preparation of EIA and IEE of different project component. Reviewed progress of works and revised the overall plan as necessary. Prepared Inception Report, Quarterly Progress Report and Annual Reports. Prepared draft Project Completion Report

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