Dhaka Integrated Flood Protection Loan Project

Dhaka Integrated Flood Protection Loan Project: Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision, Dhaka, Bangladesh, under ADB fund [ADB Loan No. 1124-BAN (SF)] 1994-2000

The Project comprised of 136 sq km priority west area of the Dhaka City. The objectives of the project were to provide a flood free and secure living environment and to improve the urban efficiencies and environmental conditions in Dhaka city for promotion of sustainable long-term economic development. The Project consisted three components, viz:

PART A: Flood Protection Component consisting embankment, flood walls, drainage regulators, flood control structures, first stage of drainage pumping station at Goranchatbari, metalled road and protective works under BWDB;

PART B: Drainage Improvement Component which consisted of main khal rehabilitation and upgrading, improvement of the secondary and tertiary drains, and construction of pipe drainage facilities under Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA); and

PART C: Complementary Environmental Improvement Program which consisting slum and squatter area upgrading, solid waste management and improvements to sanitation, water supply and local drainage facilities under Dhaka City Corporation (DCC).

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