Consultacy service for the runway construction of Dhaka airport

Consultacy service for the runway construction of Dhaka airport. It was a project of Bangladesh Biman took place in 1994.

Supervision, Erection, Construction, Testing and Commissioning works under Sylhet 90 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant Project (2nd Unit ) Fenchugonj, Sylhet under Bangladesh Power Development Board, Bangladesh under Government of Bangladesh Fund. 2007-2008.

Review proposed combined cycle power plant (2nd unit) will run at based load with an enhanced efficiency of about 45% compared to 30% to 32% efficiency from simple cycle gas turbine. The proposed combined cycle plant, having two units of Gas Turbine Generating units, two Heat Recoveries Steam Generators (HRSG) and one Steam Turbine Generating unit will continue the operation of the Steam Turbine Generating unit even if one Gas Turbine Generating unit remain shut-down.

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